Promotion / Prevention

This program targets youth 16-18 who are enrolled in school to help prepare them for their first experience in the workforce. This will assist the youth with their Job Interview. As an incentive the youth will receive a cash bonus upon full completion of the program. (There is a limited amount of slots for this program.

  • 16-18 years old.
  • Cash Incentive.
  • Employability Skills.
  • Job Search.
  • Workshops
    Students must attend a series of workshops which include but not limited to employability skills training. These workshops will be held after school, twice per week, for 12 weeks. They will receive their first paycheck after completing these hours.


  • Job Search
    The student will be set up with job interviews as close to their homes or school as possible. The goal here is to help them to obtain one of these jobs and take their first step into the workforce. They will receive a second paycheck once they are hired by one of the employers. By this time they should also be receiving a paycheck from their new job.