Office of the State Attorney Minority Crime Prevention Program

Funded by State of Florida-Minority Community Prevention Program

We enroll 390 at risk, low income high school students on a yearly basis through referrals from high school counselors and collaborating agencies. We provide a minimum of 13 hours of employability and life skills training, consisting of skills needed to obtain and hold a job. We provide actual work experience internships, as well as, bus passes on a monthly basis. We placed them in different local business and our agency pays the participant while they do their internship at the rate of $11.25 per hour. We also provide them with job placement. We provide follow –ups for 9 months after they complete their 13 hours of employability and life skills training and participants are monitored closely to make sure that youth stays in school and crime free.
This project is supported by AGREEMENT No. K05184 through funds issued by the State of Florida, Office of the Attorney General

Mr. Jose Infante Students

During the month of April, the students of Miami Springs completed a 10 hour employability and life skills class with Mr. Jose Infante. This training helps students lean how to build a resume, network and develop interview skills that will serve them as both future employees and also as business owners and executives.